Map places, people, and relationships inside a building with open source software.
"Meld buildings' directories and maps of their interiors to create ad-hoc maps of people, meeting spaces, and other assets.

Google and MapQuest do a great job of creating maps of the outside world on the fly. But what about our workspaces? This article shows how to define and map places and people inside a building [or Coal Mine?]. Search, track, and plot individual cubicles, rooms, employees, or assets. Graph the location of individuals or groups of employees based on job function, or track unused office space visually."

Source: IBM, developerWorks, Open Source section.

MSHA released Tracking evaluation report.
Mine Safety and Health Administration
Technical Support

Emergency Communications and Tracking Committee
Underground Communication and Tracking System Tests at
CONSOL Energy Inc., McElron Mine

Report Findings
June 13, 2006

Source: MSHA Test Report.

Using IEEE 1588 for synchronization of network-connected devices. Synchronization of time is important when logging data from a network of sensors.
"A brief tutorial on the IEEE 1588 Precision Clock Synchronization Protocol and its use in wired/wireless network apps including CDMA, GSM. and femtocells. By Alexandra Dopplinger and Jim Innis , Freescale Semiconductor."

Source: Video Design Line.

Download Paper: IC9496.pdf

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