An introduction to UWB over coax technology for HD.
"This document paper provides a brief description of UWB-over-Coax technology (Ultra-wide-Band-over-Coax). It discusses the motivation for and benefits of UWB-over-Coax, its application, and some initial research findings in relation to high definition signals..."

Source: Venkat Uppuluri, Sigma Designs, Inc. (SIGM), Wireless Products Division via Digital TV Designline.

I personally had the opportunity to do some hands on work with Freescale's, now defunct, prototype UWB modules, using the XS110 chipset. In our testing of the modules we could not get a signal across a large open room. The problem is that current state of the art in antenna design, design the antennas to operate within a small resonant frequency range, which is exactly what you do NOT want to have with UWB. It is my personal view that others have run into the same issue and hence are now talking about UWB over coax.

The Art and Science of Ultrawideband Antennas by Hans Schantz; 2005 by Artch House Publishing may be interest to you.

"I can't help but wonder whether the latest UWB noise is just a last-ditch attempt to salvage a problematic technology."
-- Maury Wright, Editorial Director -- EDN, 7/5/2007.

We still have much to learn...

UWB really does interfere with other wireless technologies .

Here's a careful analysis of the interference issues that have been raised about UWB and other wireless technologies.

"The issue is not whether UWB can cause interference; it is possible to construct usage models that interfere with other systems. The debate is over whether these usage models are relevant and whether the interference is serious enough to warrant protection of the victim service. By Jim Lansford, CTO, Alereon."

Source: Wireless Net DesignLine.

Download Paper: IC9496.pdf

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