Near Field Communications will generate transactions worth approximately $22 billion by 2011.
"Juniper Research forecasts that Person2Person fund transfers and mobile payments in the developing world, together with the commercialization in 2009 of NFC (Near Field Communications) based m-payments, will generate transactions worth approximately $22 billion by 2011. The analysts find cooperation among the major m-payment industry stakeholders creating a positive atmosphere, and an ecosystem capable of incubating intelligent ways for using the mobile phone for payment."

Source: via Barbara French.

NFC Forum starts developing host control interface spec.
The organization set up to develop and promote near field communications technology, the NFC Forum, has started developing a specification for a Host Controller Interface (HCI) between NFC contactless controllers and electronic devices' application processors.

Source: E.E. Times, By John Walko.

NFC meets money: The basics of mobile transactions .
"The mobile-phone-based financial payment infrastructure being planned around Near Field Communications (NFC) technology will make it a "must have" technology in future wireless products. Here's a quick review of the basics of Mobile NFC technology and an intriguing glimpse into the brave new world of secure over-the-air (OTA) channels."

Source: Wireless Net DesignLine.

Download Paper: IC9496.pdf

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